Rules & How To Enter


  1. SUBJECT/THEME: The essay shall address the subject/theme: “Why I Want To Own And Operate A Small Seaside Cinema.”
  1. ELIGIBILITY: The essay contest may be entered by anyone worldwide who is eighteen (18) years of age or older. The Judges of the Contest, Cinema Owner, sponsors, their employees or ex-employees and the immediate families of those previously mentioned are disqualified and may not participate as an entrant. Multiple entries––with multiple fees––by an individual are acceptable. Each entry must be original, attached to a separate money order or certified check and include two self-addressed stamped envelopes.
  1. ESSAY ENTRY FEE: Each entry must be accompanied by a bank cashier’s check or USPS money order payable to: Cape Ann Cinema Essay Contest in the amount of $99.00 US funds. All entries shall be deemed received whether or not the essay adheres to the Technical Requirements as set forth herein. Absolutely no refunds shall be made by reason of non-compliance or for any other reason whatsoever, unless the 500-entry level has not been met. The sponsor reserves the right to refund all entry fees if at least 500 entries are not received. Should a refund of fees become necessary, the original fee only shall be returned to each entrant ($99.00 US funds). All entry fees shall be held in an Essay Contest Escrow Account, until a determination has been made regarding the minimum number of entries.
  1. JUDGES: The Cinema Owner and his management team will select the top 20 essays. These 20 will be judged by two additional judges. These two judges will not be related to the sponsors of the essay contest or have vested interest in the business. One Grand Winner will be determined by the judges. The names of the judges shall not be released except to a public authority requesting such information within the scope of its jurisdiction.
  1. QUALIFICATION: The Cinema Owner and judges shall read and evaluate each essay properly submitted with an attached valid entry fee as herein described. Each essay which meets the Technical Requirements as set forth herein, shall be judged on the basis of structure of essay (introduction, body and conclusion), creativity, thought and the conveyance of capability and desire to operate a Community Cinema.
  1. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Each entry shall:
    a) Consist of a formal essay of 250 words or less in English.
    b) Shall be typed or computer printed, double spacing. However, legibly hand-written entries will be accepted.
    c) one side of white 8 ½ x 11 paper shall be used.
    d) Entrant’s Name and address shall not appear on the essay.
    e) The essay shall be securely attached as noted.
    f) The essay shall be accompanied by two self-addressed stamped envelopes, which shall be used first for acknowledgement of receipt of the entry, and a second for name of the winner or a refund as stated in Rule #3.
  1. DEADLINE FOR DETERMINATION OF WINNING ESSAY: The winner will be chosen on or before June 30, 2015. The winner of the contest will receive the lease to the Cinema, lease to its projector, and ownership of all property of The Cape Ann Cinema & Stage. If the Grand Winner refuses in writing within fourteen (14) days to accept the Essay Contest prize, then the Grand Winner shall receive the $20,000 cash award and the ownership of the Cinema will be assigned by the Cinema Owner.
  1. COPYRIGHT AND PUBLICATION: Essay Contest entry constitutes an assignment to the sponsors of all copyrights arising under both statute and the common law and all other rights derivative there from. By entering the Essay Contest, entrants grant further permission for sponsors to publish all or part of the submitted essay and to use the Entrant’s name and photograph and to publicize the winning entries and the names of all the final 20 essays, all without royalty or other consideration.
  1. STATE, FEDERAL AND INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS: This contest is subject to the provision of all applicable International, Federal, State, and Local Laws and regulations. This offer is void where prohibited.
  1. TAXES/FEES: The winning Entrant shall be solely responsible for any and all taxes, including property transfer taxes, lawyer’s fees, or fees of any kind imposed upon or arising out of a successful participation in this Essay Contest.
  1. DESCRIPTION OF PRIZE PROPERTIES: The Cinema Owner will present the Winner with the Transfer of Ownership papers for all Cinema assets in a majority share of 75%, with a 25% share to be assigned to a local steward. Each of the two new owners will be granted “first option” to buy the other out at any time, at a rate mutually determined. If and only if 750 entries are received, the Winner will also receive a check for $20,000 US. If between 500 and 749 entries are received, the Winner will receive a check for $10,000 US. There are no liens nor taxes nor mortgages due on the business. It is a cash-generating turnkey operation with furnishings and all equipment including a leased projector, the lease for which will be transferred to the Winner, as will the lease on the approximately 3,500 sq. ft. premises. Excluded is personal property and any food or liquor. The properties have been evaluated with a listing value of $150,000 US, however, no representation is made by the sponsors that this value or any value is in fact a Fair Market Value.
  1. DEADLINE: Entries must be postmarked on or before June 27, 2015 and must arrive at the Gloucester Post Office by June 30, 2015. The entries should be addressed to the Win-This-Cinema Essay Contest, c/o Cape Ann Cinema & Stage, 21 Main Street, Gloucester, MA, 01930, USA to insure proper delivery. Responsibility for lost, late or misdirected entries rests with the entrant. Any entry posted after the above deadline shall be returned to the entrant.
  1. EXTENSIONS: Sponsors reserve the sole right to extend the deadlines of the essay contest entry and determination of the winning entries for a period of up to sixty (60) days.
  1. PRIZE TRANSFER: The transfer of the prize properties must occur within thirty (30) days after the notification of the Prize Winner. An extension of an additional thirty (30) days may be granted by the sponsors if deemed necessary.
  1. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: The Winner agrees to accept the business as-is and also agrees to operate the business as a Community Cinema for a period of at least one year (366 operating days) after the transfer of the property. If this condition is not met, then the property will revert back to the Sponsors of the Essay Contest, to be then awarded to a steward of the Sponsor’s designation. The Winner further agrees to pay any costs and fees necessary if there is non-compliance of any of the aforementioned requirements.
  1. ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS: The Sponsor reserves the right to use the Cinema 12 times free of charge during the first year after transfer of ownership, for a period of 4 hours at a time, subject to availability. Two uses of the smaller Screening Room can be substituted for one use of the Cinema. The Sponsor reserves the right to transfer any and all of this access to a third party.

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